Wildlife in the CHEQS area

Hello all

Brian, our editor, has asked if I could contribute the occassional (or maybe not so occassional) note regarding the wildlife recorded in the local area – this covering birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles ¬†(of which I know something) and plants, insects and other invertebrates (of which I know a lot less). Despite the wider desecration of much of countryside, at the hands of industrial farming practices, we are fairly lucky around here to have a farming community which is ¬†largely sympathetic to the natural environment and, in particular cases, very active in recreating that wild habitat which allows our fauna and flora to survive and prosper. As a result, we can boast Barn Owls (many people’s favourite bird), Grass Snakes (less popular, perhaps, but just as beautiful, harmless and an important indicator of the overall environmental health of the countryside), Brown Hares, Smooth Newts, Cranesbills and Ringlets as being reasonably regular in and around our villages. I hope to bring you then that which may be of greatest interest as and when it occurs or is witnessed. In this I’ll be happy to receive any information from fellow residents of this delightful patch of the Cotswolds.

Chris McLaren

What is CHEQS online?



this is kind of just a placeholder, but I’d like to try to start illustrating how a CHEQS website could be used. From WordPress (the site that hosts this blog) I can add comments, links to other website, add pictures, videos (I think) polls, etc. I can also change the appearance, add other people who can post and administer the site, etc. The question really is what do people in Coln, Hatherop, Eastleach, Quenington and Southrop want a local website to look like and what do you want to see here?

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